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Social Contribution Activities

Retail companies are required to contribute to the growth of the local communities through corporate activities deeply rooted therein, while obtaining people's understanding and support.
As a community member, Yamada Denki continuously makes efforts to develop good relationships with local people and communities and to win their trust.

Social Contribution

Holding of "Yamada Denki Photo Contest and Children's Photo Class"

 As a collaborative event with the Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation, "Yamada Denki Photo Contest and Children's Photo Class in Akagi Nature Park" was held in November 2017.
 In the same manner as Wilderness Experience Trips organized and held by the Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation in the Akagi Nature Park four times a year, we invited junior and senior high school students from care houses, etc. in Gunma. We invited photographer ARAI Yukihito as a lecturer, and he taught 23 children how to handle cameras and take photos, aiming to support their sound development and future. Participating children entered "the 12th Yamada Denki Photo Contest 2017" with their photos, one of which won a prize.

Joshu Region New Year's Shogi Contest 2018

 On January 3 and 4, 2018, the "Joshu Region New Year's Shogi Contest 2018" was held in the event space, LABI1 LIFE SELECTGATE, on the fourth floor of LABI1 LIFESELECT Takasaki store. This contest, which aims to use Shogi, a chess-like game, to disseminate and develop a deeper understanding of traditional Japanese culture among people of a wide age range, is held every year in order to contribute to the local communities. This two-day event attracted 4,540 people in total. At the "2nd Yamada Children's Challenge Cup" held on January 3, 265 children up to junior high school students were divided into three categories depending on their levels, and had heated matches. Other attractions such as guidance by professional Shogi players and free matches were also popular and participants and ordinary customers enjoyed the appealing features of Shogi all day long. The "8th Joshu Region Shogi Contest" held on January 4, featured a New Year's special match between Meijin (Master) SATO Amahiko and NAMEKATA Hisashi 8-dan (8th rank), and other matches and exchange events with the participation of 12 professional Shogi players. Other main events included an interesting match of the "Joshu Yamada Challenge Cup Dream Match" between ISHIMOTO Sakura female 1-dan (1st rank), who won the "3rd Women's Shogi Yamada Challenge Cup," and a 12-year-old boy, who won the "1st Yamada Children's Challenge Cup," and interesting explanations by KATO Hifumi 9-dan (9th rank), known by his nickname "Hifumin," and a female professional player, YAMADA Kumi female 4-dan (4th rank). The event site had a joyful atmosphere suited for the New Year's holidays. At the opening ceremony,

Chairperson YAMADA gave an opening address, showing his passion for this Shogi Contest by saying, "I would like people to enjoy the appealing features of Shogi through this Contest and I would be happy if I could be of any help for the dissemination and development of Shogi into the future."

Donation to the Maebashi Red Cross Hospital

 In February 2018, Yamada Denki and the Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation made a donation to the Maebashi Red Cross Hospital for the construction of its new hospital buildings.
 Under the principle of humanitarianism, the Maebashi Red Cross Hospital has fulfilled broad and extensive missions and roles, from meeting general medical needs to offering higher medical services. New hospital buildings with enhanced functions were completed and the Maebashi Red Cross Hospital moved in and reopened in June 2018.

 Yamada Denki made a donation to help with the construction of new hospital buildings, considering the significance of the hospital's roles and medical contributions in Gunma, as part of its CSR activities to offer cooperation for the continuation and development of local medical services.

Holding of a Track and Field Class in Bangkok, Thailand

 In November 2017, Yamada Denki's Track and Field Team held a track and field class at the National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, targeting 30 students in the track and field course of the Bangkok Sports School. From Yamada Denki's Track and Field Team, team manager Tanaka and team members Masuno and Yamazaki participated as instructors.

Hurdler Masuno showed model performances and team manager Tanaka provided technical guidance and a lecture on the current status of athletic sports in Japan.

Holding of the "Fureai Track and Field Class" by Yamada Denki's Track and Field Team

 On November 27, 2017, the "Fureai Track and Field Class" for 109 fourth-grade elementary students was held at Akenodaira Elementary School in Tomiya City, Miyagi. Medium-to-long-distance runners in Yamada Denki's Track and Field Team participated.
 This track and field class is held every year at elementary schools along the course of the All Japan Industrial Women's Ekiden Race, in which the team participates, for the purpose of supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake through sports activities.

 In 2017 as well , 13 medium-to-long-distance runners taught basic running forms and enjoyed relay races together. Thereby, the team showed the joy of running to students.

Social Contribution Activities by Group Companies

Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd.

Holding of a Public Lecture under Industry-Academia Collaboration at a Technical College

 Nihon Kogakuin College was established in 1947 in Kamata, Tokyo, a town of manufacturers, as an engineer training school. For 66 years thereafter, the College has developed industry-ready human resources in a wide range of areas, including the manufacturing domain. The College is the largest general technical college in Japan, having as many as 100 specialized courses and more than 10,000 students enrolled in two campuses in Hachioji and Kamata. It has turned out 200,000 or more graduates.
 Yamada SxL Home provided a public lecture for students in the architectural course of the Hachioji campus. Yamada SxL Home has been carrying out a practical project under industry-academia collaboration, not only teaching general knowledge on architecture but also conducting studies on housing and human health, using a smart house training house.

Yamada SxL Home will continue supporting the nurturing of excellent human resources to secure necessary personnel for the company, and at the same time, promoting social contribution making the most of its expertise in housing.

CIC Corporation

Environment Beautification Activities Together with the Local Community

 The company has actively engaged in the activities of "Creation of Beautiful Hometown, Gunma" promoted by Gunma Prefecture. In 2017, three employees participated in cleaning activities during the Spring Cleanup Campaign and Autumn Cleanup Campaign. These campaigns aim to raise people's awareness in order to prevent illegal dumping of garbage and decrease the amount of garbage, as well as calling for cooperation in cultivating plants and planting trees. The company will continue these activities also in 2018 as a member of the local community.

YamadaWoodHouse Co., Ltd.

A Project, "My Mom is a Carpenter,"
Won the Kids Design Award

 The Kids Design Award is the Kids Design Association's commendation system to select and commend excellent designs of products, space, or services that would ensure safe everyday life for children, assist with the growth of sensitive and inventive children, or create a society in which people can have and raise children with ease, with the aim of publicizing such designs broadly. YamadaWoodHouse was awarded for its project "My Mom is a Carpenter," which it has been carrying out by utilizing its builder development program.
 YamadaWoodHouse reformed the conventional carpenter development system, under which a single carpenter completes the whole home building process, and adopted a system whereby a team of builders builds a house. The new system enables builders who have only acquired skills for a part of the whole process to work independently and also makes it possible for team members to cover a sudden absence of a member. Under this system, even mothers with small children can balance their private lives and duties as a builder.
 On the basis of the division of labor, the whole home building process is divided and teams respectively specialized in foundation work, framework construction, finishing carpentry work, etc. are to perform their duties and jointly build one house. Accordingly, those with only partial skills can work independently, and women and the elderly who had to give up being a builder have also become able to fulfil their dreams.
 Against such a backdrop, housewives and mothers with small children are working as builders for YamadaWoodHouse and some of them have grown to perform foundation work for as many as around twenty houses in a month. Work in a team ensures a working environment in which a sudden absence due to a child's illness or other reasons can be covered by the other team members. Working as a builder is rather convenient even for mothers with small children as carpentry does not require much overtime work in general. They may leave their children at and pick them up from day-care centers at a fixed time every day. YamadaWoodHouse will continue positively hiring and fostering mother carpenters.