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Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction

We are constantly pursuing management based on the "customer first" approach, endeavoring to provide customers with services that can satisfy them fully, not only at stores but also throughout the whole period they continue to use the products they purchased at our stores.

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction

 Yamada Denki is making constant efforts to ensure a large selection of goods, kind and meticulous customer services, and reasonable prices. We believe that it is essential not only to improve customer satisfaction at stores but also to enhance overall customer satisfaction, including after-sales services such as product delivery, installation, repair and support services, from the stage in which they use the products onward.
 In addition to providing employees with OJT, group training, e-learning and other training, we conduct questionnaire surveys with customers concerning services at stores and upon delivery and after-sales services to further improve the quality and accuracy of our services. More than 90% of the customers who responded to questionnaires we sent after the completion of home renovation work were satisfied with the work and some of them even introduced us to new customers thereafter.
  Additionally, we have set up various call centers to receive customers' opinions. The headquarters staff members regularly patrol stores, and working staff members' opinions are collected through the Improvement Proposal System. In this manner, Yamada Denki is making all-out efforts to constantly review and make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Encouraging the Acquisition of Qualification as Certified Home Appliance Advisors and Smart Masters

 We try to increase employees' expert knowledge so that we can provide customers with proper advice on selecting home appliances. In order to enable them to provide advice based on various factors, such as customers' needs with regard to product functions, their purpose of use, usage frequency, place of installation, as well as their preferences, we encourage employees to obtain external qualifications such as that for a certified home appliance advisor and a smart master. We hold practical study sessions by outside lecturers, with the cooperation of manufacturers, and the number of qualified employees has been increasing.
 In fiscal 2017, the number of employees with a qualification as a certified home appliance advisor and/or a smart master exceeded 5,000.

Utilization of the Tablet POS System

 Yamada Denki has introduced the highly flexible tablet POS system for the purpose of increasing customer convenience. Every store staff member has a tablet with the function of a POS register and can make even better proposals in accordance with customers' diverse needs. Before the introduction of the system, it took time to follow necessary procedures and check inventories at a register, but the system reduced customer waiting time and facilitated the flow of customer services up to payment.

 Yamada Denki will continue efforts to enhance employee's customer services and the efficiency of business procedures through the integration of stores and the internet.

Training to Certify CS Managers

 In order to standardize CS activities in product delivery and installation, Yamada Denki requests its partner companies to receive its original "Training to Certify CS Managers." This is a system to certify responsible officials who provide persons in charge at respective companies with guidance on the standards that Yamada Denki specifies with regard to customer satisfaction, manners, operations, etc. in relation to product delivery and installation. A training session consists of educational training, group discussions and a written test. Under this system, Yamada Denki certifies CS managers of its partner companies, with the aim of maintaining their CS levels equivalent to those of the staff of Yamada Denki.

▶Training Sessions Held in Fiscal 2017

  Number of participants
Training to Certify New CS Managers 129
Certification Renewal Training 524
Annual Commendation Based on Customer Questionnaire Answers

 The Yamada Denki Group conducts a questionnaire survey with customers concerning personnel in charge of delivery and installation. Every year, those highly evaluated by customers are given the grand prix, excellence award, prime award, or incentive award. Survey results are compiled as of the end of March and an award ceremony is held in June every year. In 2017, the eighth ceremony was held and a total of 401 employees received awards (grand prix: 2; excellence award: 12; prime award: 377; and incentive award: 10).

 Commendation is expected to raise employees' motivation and facilitate information sharing, and to ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement Activities by Group Companies

Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd.

For Customers' Healthy Longevity
(Wellness Thermal Insulation & Wellness Air)

 For ensuring healthy longevity, Yamada SxL Home proposes Wellness Thermal Insulation & Wellness Air, a mechanism to support good health by adjusting indoor air and temperature. Wellness Air is to create an atmosphere rich in negative ions by taking advantage of the high conductivity of walls made of high quality binchotan charcoal, which has long been used in traditional Japanese houses. It has been proven that the activation of NK cells (lymphocytes that detect and attack cancer cells and virus-infected cells) is observed in persons staying in a room installed with Wellness Air. Furthermore, Wellness Thermal Insulation adopts a thermal insulator (foamed resin insulator) exhibiting the highest performance as those for ordinary houses to realize high-level insulation efficiency. In cold winter, in particular, an accident due to heat shock is apt to occur. However, such an accident can be avoided by enhancing insulation efficiency in a bathroom or toilet without heat.

 Considering that the creation of an environment that promotes good health is also an essential perspective in home building, Yamada SxL Home will continue making new proposals.

Home Energy Management System

 Yamada SxL Home, jointly with other housing makers, has conducted the development of houses utilizing IoT and started to propose new types of houses that ensure safe everyday life without anxiety amid a declining birthrate and an aging population. HEMS (Home Energy Management System) is a system to connect all housing equipment by a network to enable remote control of power sources and clarify the entirety of household power consumption. Yamada SxL Home created a new HEMS with a personal verification function by integrating a home appliance control system with a system to unlock the entrance door by finger-vein authentication. The new system can automatically send an e-mail to parents when a child gets home, or enables a user to check the temperature in the living room from outside and remotely turn on or off an air conditioner or lighting, thus ensuring safety at home while being away. Yamada SxL Home will continue developing and offering new services combined with HEMS to ensure safety not only for small children but also for elderly people in need of help.

YamadaWoodHouse Co., Ltd.

Free Maintenance of Housing Equipment for Ten Years

 YamadaWoodHouse offers free maintenance and support services for housing equipment in the houses it builds. Even after the guarantee period of housing equipment makers, which usually ends in one or two years, YamadaWoodHouse offers support for the maintenance of an IH cooking heater, built-in dishwasher, water heater, etc. for ten years after move-in day. Any disorder or trouble with housing equipment is repaired free of charge (parts cost, labor cost, travel cost, etc.). A call center operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year responds to customers' inquiries. "Living where one can feel peace of mind at the time of an emergency" is the motto of the company, and its much longer guarantee period is highly evaluated by customers.

* There are certain conditions for applying these support services and guarantee.