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Outline of the Medium-term Business Plan

 In November 2015, the Yamada Denki Group established and publicized the Medium-term Business Plan covering the period up to fiscal 2019.

 This plan is not a conventional one and places the emphasis on feasibility and profitability, rather than only aiming to increase the total sales. This prioritizes capital efficiency, such as the improvement of ROE, instead of merely seeking the expansion of the corporate size. We will implement this plan steadily to achieve sustainable growth. For that purpose, it is necessary to proactively promote the structural reform as explained below by separating our businesses into nine categories, namely, housing equipment business, financial services business, support services business, environmental business, online sales & shopping mall business, mobile business, home appliance sales business, home appliance business by affiliates and subsidiaries and corporate sales business, and to strengthen the management of each of these businesses. Major efforts that we made in these respective businesses to achieve better outcomes during fiscal 2017 are introduced here and some are explained in detail on the following pages as topics of this year's Integrated Report.

 With "Creation and Challenge" and "Appreciation and Trust" as our management philosophy, we will constantly conduct innovation for the sustainable growth and development of the Yamada Denki Group.

Cultivation of New Markets
Strengthening of Existing Businesses
Major Efforts for the Structural Reform during Fiscal 2017

Opening of a new type of stores

Promotion of business tie-ups (business tie-up with ASAHI EITO CO., LTD. and capital and business tie-up with FOMM Corporation)

Expansion of SPA products

Conclusion of an agreement with Funai Electric Co., Ltd. and commencement of exclusive sale of FUNAI-brand LCD televisions and Blu-ray recorders in Japan

Expansion of same-day or next-day delivery services in response to the development of the internet society

Commencement of housing finance in the financial services business

Expansion of recycling of small waste home appliances

Enhancement of human resources development

Progress of the finance, insurance and real estate services and family support services

Major Consolidated Numerical Targets in the Medium-term Business Plan
※Values for up to fiscal 2017 represent actual performance, those for fiscal 2018 are estimates publicized on May 10, 2018, and those for fiscal 2019 are plans.