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Process of Enhancing Corporate Value

For Sustainable Enhancement of Corporate Value

 The Yamada Denki Group has been carrying out various business activities using diverse funding for solving environmental and social problems, such as the declining birthrate and the aging of the population. Our efforts include promotion of dissemination of renewable energy, provision of energy-efficient houses, and development of reasonable, safe and convenient services to support customers' daily lives. We anticipate societal change, and will endeavor to further enhance the social value of our group through our solution business by making the most of the synergy effect among the group.

Social Issues
Declining birthrate
and aging population
Population decrease
Measures for making
people feel affluent
Measures for balancing
eco-friendliness and comfort
Measures for responding to the
increasingly complicated IT society
Global warming
INPUTStrengths of the Yamada Denki Group
Business Model
OUTPUTSupport the Entirety of People's Daily Lives
HERB Relax
Sale of home appliances
Sale of smart houses
Reuse and recycling business of home appliances and PCs
Sale of interior goods
Membership services
Yamada Family Support
Digital Support Stations
Finance Insurance Real estate services
OUTCOMESocial Value to be Provided
Ensure fulfilling life for the elderly
Achieve high quality of life
Provide comfortable living life on a total basis
Achieve comfortable and safe IT life
Give consideration to the global environment