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Management Philosophy of Yamada Denki Group

Management Philosophy
"Creation and Challenge"
With "Appreciation and Trust," we achieve the goal of being a strong company and further strengthen our corporate value on a companywide scale, for the sake of contributing to society.
Ideas Concerning Management Philosophy and ESG-related Initiatives
 Under "Creation and Challenge" and "Appreciation and Trust" as its management philosophy, the Yamada Denki Group has carried out diverse businesses and initiatives for the growth and development of society and the company. In our management philosophy, we clearly declare our commitment to social contribution. In order to help achieving a sustainable society, we will continue our business activities while placing importance on CSR as an important managerial issue. We will endeavor to broaden and deepen our business potential, with the sale of home appliances as the core of our business, and will continue our company-wide efforts in response to various problems as well as customers' opinions and requests in order to create new value that we can share with the society. We will further promote CSR activities, keeping the need to show appreciation to and maintain the trust of our stakeholders in mind, with the aim of being a corporate group continuing to grow together with the society.
 Additionally, with the awareness that giving due consideration to the environment, society, and governance is indispensable for us to continue contributing to the solution of social problems and enhancing our corporate value, we have also positively been carrying out ESG-related initiatives based on our CSR philosophy. We will continue offering services and products that will contribute to protecting the global environment and reducing environmental impact (E-environment), promote co-existence with local communities and creation of an environment in which diverse people can actively participate (S-social), and ensure transparency and fairness in our corporate activities (G-Governance).
Environmental Aspects

・Established and publicized the Environmental Policy

・Acquired ISO14001 certification for the headquarters

・Promoting the sale of energy-efficient home appliances

・Realized a one-stop system for reuse and recycling of home appliances and PCs

・Reducing the environmental impact in business operations

・Promoting environmental education, etc.

Social Aspects

・Established the Code of CSR Ethics

・Established and publicized Yamada Denki's Sourcing Policy

・Pursuing improved customer satisfaction

・Pursuing improved employee satisfaction

・Engaging in social contribution activities

・Established the public interest incorporated foundation Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation, etc.

Governance Aspects

・Established the Compliance Committee

・Established the Risk Management Committee

・Introduced the executive officer system

・Introduced the whistle-blowing system

・Holding Group CSR Meetings

・Introduced external directors and external auditors, etc.

 The Yamada Denki Group is committed to working for the creation of a sustainable society as a leading company in the home appliance distribution industry, under its CSR philosophy and ESG criteria, by anticipating and preparing for social changes such as the declining birthrate and the aging of the population.

Ideas Concerning SDGs
 In September 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit declared a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity, wherein 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by member countries by 2030 were listed. Not only national governments but also private companies in respective member countries are expected to proactively participate in specific actions.
 In carrying out business under our management philosophy, while looking ahead to the future, we will keep in mind the SDGs as one of the tools to ascertain expectations and requests of our stakeholders and reflect on our activities. We will fulfil our social responsibility through business activities and will also contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
Engagement with Stakeholders

 The Yamada Denki Group established its Code of CSR Ethics in 2007 and then established its Code of Conduct for the purpose of contributing to the solution of social and environmental problems through its business of selling home appliances and offering related services. We believe that the essence of CSR is to build a relationship wherein group companies and various stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, employees and local communities, can trust and appreciate each other. We hope to strengthen our long term bond with stakeholders continuously by proactively coping with ESG problems and achieving a sustainable growth as a business group, thereby contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

Yamada Denki's Code of CSR Ethics
1 Building up Trust

(1)To be a trusted company by conscientiously honoring any promises with customers and any engagements with business partners.

(2)To recognize our social responsibility and properly manage a variety of information in order to create reliable environments for our customers to enjoy shopping.

(3)To release appropriate and transparent financial statements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (also known as the J-SOX law).

(4)To retain stakeholders' confidence by disclosing corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.

(5)To gain firm trust from society through solid outstanding management

2 Ensuring the "Customer First" Approach

 Based on the "customer first" approach, we master a high level of product knowledge and provide decent services. To ensure customer satisfaction and gain their support, we make efforts to provide products and services that meet customers' needs.

3 Complying with Laws, Regulations and Social Customs

 We conduct corporate activities in a fair and conscientious manner in compliance with all laws, regulations and rules.

4 Fair Transactions

 Yamada Denki always conducts fair transactions with business partners, giving consideration to both interests. We adopt a decent and considerate attitude in conducting transactions with customers, to increase mutual understanding and prevent misunderstandings regarding transaction details.

5 Respecting Human Rights

 Yamada Denki builds up a corporate culture, according to which employees respect each other's personality and characteristics and which banishes sexual and power harassment.

6 Making Efforts in Environment Protection

 We recognize that environment problems are serious global challenges and thus actively engage in environmental programs for energy saving, recycling and other goals.

7 Contributing to Local Communities

 Yamada Denki understands that stores exist within the communities and require appreciation and support of the community members for their existence. We contribute to local culture by co-existing with local people.

National government, local administrative authorities, and intellectuals
 The Yamada Denki Group maintains an appropriate relationship with the national government, relevant ministries and agencies, local governments, and intellectuals to promote business management.

Local communities
 The Yamada Denki Group has deepened its relationship with local people through its nationwide store network. Local communities are the very basis of the Yamada Denki Group. We will strive to ensure co-existence with local communities as a good corporate citizen and increase the relationship of trust.

Suppliers and business partners
 The Yamada Denki Group strives to maintain sound and transparent relationships with manufacturers, other suppliers, and business partners, and aims to ensure co-existence and co-prosperity with them in an environment of fair and free competition based on a long-term relationship of trust.

 The Yamada Denki Group is pursuing management based on the "customer first" approach. The Group as a whole shares goals to achieve customer satisfaction by making utmost efforts to carefully listen to customers' opinions and to constantly enhance services through adequate employee training.

 To honor the trust placed by shareholders and meet their expectations, the Yamada Denki Group is devoted to maintaining sustainable growth and increasing its corporate value. We also make efforts to ensure active communication by disclosing information in an appropriate, timely and fair manner.

 Regarding human resources as the key element of its management, the Yamada Denki Group has established a system that enables employees to work with strong motivation and promotes appropriate personnel evaluation. We also strive to develop employee capability and to improve the working environment.