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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Personnel and Working Environment Policy

 We have a fair and transparent evaluation system based on individual performance, depending on the acquisition of internal and external qualifications. We support the development of business skills and experience, and are building a good working environment for continued employment that will increase motivation.

 Our recruiting policy is based on operational features, and we are recently hiring people who can invigorate the organization. As of the end of March 2017, the average age of employees was 36.5 years old and the average employment term was 11.0 years.

 Moreover, we are promoting the re-employment of contract workers as regular workers by harmonizing with the internal qualification system, the employment of people with disabilities, and the reemployment of elderly workers. The employment rate of people with disabilities has been higher than the legal standard since January 2009. Regarding the employment of elderly persons, we are making adjustments to meet the revised Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons enforced in April 2013 that stipulates the obligation to continue employing all employees who wish to work until the age of 65.

Annual Commendation System

 We have created a fair and impartial personnel evaluation system based on individual performance rather than on the basis of seniority. As part of such personnel evaluation system, it commends stores and offices having recorded excellent annual sales by store size, individuals having recorded superior sales, and stores and individuals having made excellent improvement proposals. In fi scal 2016, a total of 50 individuals and 22 stores and offi ces were commended.

Promotion of Work-life Balance

 To improve the working environment so as to enable employees to work with good conditions, we consider it important to provide workplaces under the concept of "work-life balance."

 Under our child-care and nursing-care support systems, we allow expanded pre-childbirth leave (two weeks more than the legally prescribed minimum) and expanded childcare leave (until the child reaches three years of age), and have introduced systems to provide support for employees who have returned from child-care leave, and re-employ employees who left work to concentrate on child care. Through these systems, we provide a better working environment in which employees can adjust their work-life balance depending on their major lifetime events, such that the needs for child care or nursing care for their families are to be met.

 Furthermore, in order to enhance the safety and health environment at workplaces, we set a safety and health committee at each store to have them respectively discuss issues on occupational safety and health, which are presented by the headquarters every month. These efforts have worked to enhance employees' satisfaction.

Gunma Ikiiki G Company Certification System

 Gunma Prefecture operates the Gunma Ikiiki G Company Certification System to support efforts made by companies and organizations for promoting work-life balance, through such means as promoting women's activities at workplaces and employees' in-home educational activities, in addition to helping employees balance work life and family life. Yamada Denki has also acquired this certification.

Employee Training

Education for Candidate Managers

 Targeting level-1 assistant store managers, level-1 chiefs, and level-1 general staff, education is provided to encourage them to seek higher positions. They are provided with e-learning education on basic knowledge for managerial staff and also receive training by accompanying delivery or construction service staff to ascertain customer needs and satisfaction. After that, they take tests and go through interviews by area managers before being appointed to higher positions. Contract employees are also given chances to become fulltime workers. These incentives raise their motivation and improve their satisfaction.

Promotion of Women's Participation and Commencement of the Education Program for Next-generation Leaders

 In response to the enactment of the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (April 1, 2016), Yamada Denki ascertained the current status and analyzed issues concerning the program to foster female managers, which it had carried out so far, and established an action plan. In fiscal 2016, based on the idea that it is necessary to foster both male and female staff for ensuring the sustainable growth of the company, Yamada Denki commenced the education program for next-generation leaders based on the program for promoting women's participation it had carried out so far. Leaders are deployed to each store to provide education to store staff with the aim of improving employee productivity, enhancing CS and ES, and fostering female managers. At the same time, Yamada Denki is endeavoring to develop a better working environment where diverse human resources can actively participate.

Employee Satisfaction Improvement Activities by Group Companies

Housetec Inc.

Development of Favorable Working Environment

 Housetec promotes the development of a favorable working environment so that all employees can fulfil their potential. In response to the amendments of the Act on Childcare Leave and Caregiver Leave, etc. and other Acts, the company reviewed and developed its systems relating to work-life balance. In fiscal 2016, the following systems were brushed up to ensure a better working environment.

● System for shorter working hours and leaves for female staff during pregnancy and within one year from childbirth

● System for teleworking for child rearing and nursing care

● Cumulative paid annual leaves

● Nursing care leaves


Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd.

Product Development from the Viewpoint of Female Staff

 Yamada SxL Home has promoted product development based on diverse opinions of female staff irrespective of their affi liation or age.

 In fiscal 2016, as the fifth products reflecting women's views developed by the Women's Participation Promotion Team, a kitchen storage unit named "Powerful Storage" was launched. Maintaining the basic concept of large capacity and smart storage, the Powerful Storage series incorporates wide variations and ideas from a female perspective in order to satisfy diverse customer needs according to room layouts. Proposals on storage thus developed through the team's activities have become broadly known within the company and have been highly evaluated by customers. Those proposals are adopted as standard specifications in new products and developed products are installed in new houses for sale and in renovated kitchens, and have become indispensable items to reduce the burdens of housework in planning new or renovated houses. Their sales volume is increasing year by year. Yamada SxL Home will continue efforts for expanding opportunities for female staff and developing a better working environment to enable them to demonstrate their abilities.

Best Denki Co., Ltd.

Promotion of Activities of Female Staff

 Best Denki established a committee to promote activities of female staff, consisting of 20 members. The committee covers all its group companies and aims to develop working conditions under which female staff in different life stages can prove their skills, thereby contributing to the growth of the company as a whole. Based on discussions on problems in developing favorable working conditions, the company reviewed and reformed systems for leaves and shorter working hours for child rearing to facilitate women's social participation.

 In 2016, onsite opinions of employees were directly collected through visits to stores in the Fukuoka area. Best Denki's efforts for promoting women's participation are introduced on the website operated by Fukuoka-shi, "Fukuoka NEXT Companies That Support Women's Participation: Introduction Website."

Commendation System for Encouraging and Motivating Employees to Improve Their Careers

 Best Denki has the commendation system to grant the Special President Awards to stores and offices having recorded excellent annual sales, the Best Sales Awards to individuals with superior sales records, and the Improvement Proposal Awards to stores and individuals that have made excellent improvement proposals. Through the system, the company has tried to encourage and motivate its employees to improve their careers.