Social Contribution

Coexistence with Local Communities

 Retail companies are required to contribute to the growth of the local communities in which they are located through corporate activities deeply rooted therein, while obtaining people’s understanding and support.

As a community member, Yamada Denki continuously makes efforts to develop good relationships with local people and communities and to win their trust.

Yamada Denki’s Social Contribution

 To grow together with local communities under the basic policy, Yamada Denki has actively made social contribution, by promoting information transmission and offering support for activities useful for local communities. The Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation established in February 2012 has also promoted original social contribution activities.

Joshu Region Shogi Contest

 On January 3 and 4, 2016, Joshu Region New Year’s Shogi Contest 2016 was held in the event space, LABI Gate, on the fourth floor of LABI1 Takasaki store. This contest, which aims to use shogi, a chesslike game, to disseminate and develop a deeper understanding of traditional Japanese culture among people of a wide age range, is held every year in order to contribute to the local communities from the educational aspect mainly targeting elementary school and junior high school students. This twoday event attracted 2,122 people in total.

Fureai Running School by Yamada Denki’s Women’s Track and Field Team

 On December 14, 2015, Fureai Running School by Yamada Denki’s woman’s track and field team was held at Yawata Elementary School in Tagajo-shi, Miyagi, targeting 50 fourth grade students to transmit to them the joy of running.

 This Running School is held at elementary schools along the course of the All Japan Industrial Women’s Ekiden Race, in which the team participates every year, for the purpose of supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake through sports activities.

The First Women’s Shogi Yamada Challenge Cup

 On August 23, 2015, the first Women’s Shogi Yamada Challenge Cup (hosted by the Japan Shogi Association and sponsored by Yamada Denki) was held at LABI Gate on the fourth floor of LABI Takasaki store. Yamada Denki has held the Joshu Region Shogi Contest and Yamada Shogi Class for Children as part of CSR activities. Based on such experience, Yamada Denki newly held this contest for women for the purpose of further disseminating shogi, a traditional Japanese culture. Under circumstances where women’s social participation is increasingly promoted, we focused on female shogi players and intend to give them more chances and opportunities and develop the entirety of the arena of shogi. 16 young female shogi players (15 professionals and one amateur player) exhibited exciting matches from the preliminary rounds and many customers came to see the final tournament. The Challenge Cup was also broadcast live on niconico video and recorded a total of 63,000 accesses. In this manner, the Challenge Cup entertained many customers.

The “Safe and Secure Town Development” Campaign Event

 On April 25, 2015, Yamada Denki held an event for the “Safe and Secure Town Development” campaign at LABI Garden of LABI1 Takasaki store with the cooperation of the Gunma Prefecture Disaster Prevention Association and the Gunma Traffic Safety Association.

This event is held every year during the Spring Road Safety Week with the aim of raising public awareness of disaster prevention, disseminating information on crime prevention and measures against suspicious individuals, and ensuring residents’ observation of traffic rules and proper traffic manners. Yamada Denki will continue discussing how to develop safe and secure towns with local residents and will actively carry out events and activities for that purpose.

TOPICSActivities of The Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation

 In 2013, Yamada Denki celebrated its 40th anniversary. On February 10, 2012, the Founder Yamada Noboru (Representative Director, Chairman) and Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. established the Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation, with gratitude for the continued support and patronage of customers. In September 2014, two years after its establishment, the Foundation was reorganized as a public interest incorporated foundation and made a new start.

 Yamada Noboru Memorial Foundation has been carrying out various activities for contributing to local communities such as helping sound development of children and road safety improvement and providing assistance after disasters.

1.Wilderness Experience Trips (Four Times in Total)


 Wilderness experience program for the purpose of providing children with opportunities to experience nature in the field of the Akagi Nature Park, thereby fostering their sensibilities, facilitating their sound development, enhancing their physical and mental comfort, and creating larger recreational effects.


 The Foundation held wilderness experience trips four times at the Akagi Nature Park in Shibukawa-shi, Gunma, inviting children of the prefecture. Under instruction by skilled instructors, children experienced nature physically and spiritually, observing animals living patterns and climbing trees and enjoying the woods from different points of view.

Program 1 Observe insects and plants

Animals and insects exercise their ingenuity for surviving in harsh natural environments. Children walk around in the Akagi Nature Park while closely observing insects and plants which they cannot easily have a chance to observe in their daily lives.

Program 2 Climb trees

Not only looking up at trees, children actually climb trees to experience the woods from different points of view. They can climb trees together safely by the use of ropes and harnesses.

Program 3 Enjoy nature games and woodwork

Children listen to birds and smell grass carefully with their eyes closed, create works with n u t s a n d b r a n c h e s , o r otherwise enjoy nature in various ways through the five senses.  

Program 4 Ride on ponies

Children take turns to ride on a reined pony and enjoy strolling in the Akagi Nature Park. While strolling together, they learn about ponies and feed them.

2.Traffic Accident Prevention Activities


Road safety activities to raise public awareness with the aim of decreasing the total number of traffic accidents and reducing serious accidents for protecting children from traffic accidents


 The Foundation assists the introduction of drive recorders to vehicles for picking up kindergarten kids and high school students in Gunma and tries to raise awareness for safe driving. It also offers support for safer local communities by providing local people opportunities to learn about small incidents that may lead to a big accident, as well as measures to prevent respective accidents.

 In fiscal 2015, the Foundation donated 96 drive recorders in total to schools, kindergartens, children’s institutions, schools for special educational needs and other institutions. The Foundation has donated a total of 212 drive recorders so far.


Lecture by Mr. Morikawa, Manager of Yamada Denki’s Women’s Track and Field Team

 On March 6, 2016, the “Presentation and Lecture on Good Health No.1,” a project to promote good health in Yoshioka-cho, was held at the hall of the Yoshioka Cultural Center in Yoshioka-cho, Gunma, where Yamada Denki’s Women’s Track and Field Team is based and its support group is organized. The event attracted an audience of approximately 400 persons. Following the first part in which town people presented their experience of keeping good health, the second part was a lecture by Mr. Morikawa, manager of Yamada Denki’s Women’s Track and Field Team. Under the theme, “How to Maintain a Healthy and Satisfactory Life with Moderate Exercise,” he talked about the importance of continuing moderate exercise at around 60% of capacity to maintain good health.

 As part of our CSR-focused management, we will continue encouraging the activities of the team to contribute to local communities.

5th Yamada Denki Award

 On November 22, 2015, Yamada Denki hosted the ekiden race at and around the Takasakihamagawa Athletic Field with the participation of approximately 500 children from Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima, together with 1st to 6th grade elementary school students in Takasaki-shi.

 This was the fifth race held as the Yamada Denki Award. Members of Yamada Denki’s Women’s Track and Field Team also participated. In cooperation with the Takasaki Track and Field Association, this event was held with the aim of supporting the education and sound development of elementary school students in the Takasaki region and also for the purpose of revitalizing local communities through sports.

 Yamada Denki will actively make efforts for supporting education of children, promoting sports and revitalizing local communities through the activities of the Women’s Track and Field Team.

Joint Research with Kawasaki Medical School: Architectural Medicine Initiative

 Yamada SxL Home has coped with the issue of protecting the good health of residents jointly with the medical community beyond the bounds of the industry. In fiscal 2015, jointly with Dr. OTSUKI, professor at the Department of Hygiene, Kawasaki Medical School, the company demonstrated the influence of spaces with dominant negative ions on the human body and publicized the results thereof in the PLOS ONE, a journal that handles initially published papers in the science and medical fields.

 The research revealed that when residing in space with dominant negative ions for a certain period of time, NK cells, which fight against viruses and cancer cells, are activated and the relevant person acquires stronger immunity. Humans’ immune system deteriorates due to aging, but the research publicized an innovative finding that a living space can improve the immune system of a person living therein. On December 13, 2015, at a lecture room of the Nihon Kogakuin Hachioji School, another research partner, the company held a lecture meeting targeting owners of houses it constructed and customers considering building new houses and provided lectures for promoting good health based on research outcomes of Dr. OTSUKI for the past ten years and results of demonstrations in 2015.

 The company will further advance its research to achieve its social mission to lengthen people’s healthy life expectancy in the coming aging society, and plans to expand the scope of research to cover single-family houses, facilities for the elderly, and existing houses, etc.

C I C. Corporation
Proceed with Local Communities; Environment Beautification Activities

 CIC. belongs to the Gunma Environment Resource Preservation Association (Takasaki branch) and has carried out environment beautification activities together with local people.

 The company has actively engaged in the activities of “Creation of Beautiful Hometown, Gunma” promoted by Gunma Prefecture, and six employees participated in cleaning activities during the Spring Cleanup Campaign (May and June) and Autumn Cleanup Campaign (September and October), making efforts to raise people’s awareness in order to prevent illegal dumping of garbage and decrease the amount of garbage, as well as calling for cooperation in cultivating plants and planting trees. The company will continue to play an active role in local environmental activities as a member of the community.

Initiatives by Group Companies

Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd.
Participation in a Project Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

 Yamada SxL Home constructed a smart house laboratory building in the campus of the Nihon Kogakuin Hachioji School (Katayanagi Institute) in 2013, which triggered the conclusion of an industryacademia collaboration agreement with the school. The company is also a member of the “project to develop programs for cultivating core professionals in the social infrastructure development field,” a project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in which the school participated.

 In fiscal 2015, as a member of the Smart Technology Committee, the company participated in the establishment of a new certified smart master qualification system in cooperation with the Association for Electric Home Appliances and home appliance manufacturers. The new system is designed as education curricula for vocational colleges and as a qualification system after graduation therefrom for the purpose of fostering engineers specialized in smart houses.

 A certified smart master is required to have a wide range of knowledge on energy issues, smart houses and home appliances. In particular, discussions were held mainly on sessions concerning energy-saving houses, renovation work and construction-related laws in relation to (i) the outline of smart houses and (ii) core knowledge on smart houses in the curricula.

 Qualification for a certified smart master was introduced in fiscal 2015 as the third qualification of the Certification Center, Association for Electric Home Appliances, in addition to those for a certified electric home appliance advisor and a certified electric home appliance engineer.

Joint Research with Kyoto University: Comprehensive Wooden Structure Initiative

 Yamada SxL Home, as a company leading the wooden prefabrication method under the Building Standards Act, has been carrying out joint research on wooden adhesive panels with Dr. ISODA, professor at the Laboratory of Structural Function, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University. In fiscal 2011, the company and Dr. ISODA (professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University at that time) carried out research on the integration of wooden rigid-frame structures and wooden adhesive panels, and in fiscal 2014, research on super high-strength bearing walls.

 In fiscal 2015, based on the outcomes of the research on wooden adhesive panels, the company provided training targeting its engineering staff to pass on technologies concerning the difference between the wooden prefabrication method and general wooden construction methods such as the timber framework method and the 2×4 construction method. Furthermore, the company held joint conferences 10 times concerning the improvement of its original wooden adhesive panel construction method, which is scheduled for fiscal 2017 onward, to analyze experimental results and establish remedial measures.

 Toward the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, the company plans to carry out research on the possibility to use the wooden prefabrication method for multi-layered structures a n d n o n - r e s i d e n t i a l buildings in light of the national government’s policy to construct various facilities using wooden structures for the Olympic Games.

Cosmos Berry’s Co., Ltd.
Revitalization of Local Communities by Having Mass Merchandisers and Local Stores Exist in Harmony

 In order to realize the coexistence of mass merchandisers and local stores, Cosmos Berry’s has tried to share, among its local franchisers spreading nationwide, Yamada Denki’s unique mechanisms and knowhow based on its store and service network. Through such efforts, the company has come to benefit from economies of scale, which could not have been achieved solely by a single local store. The company has thus contributed to the revitalization of local communities while trying to create stores helpful to local people by taking advantage of the relationship of trust with customers it has developed through locallybased sales activities and quick footwork enabling flexible responses. The company proactively offers proposals so that such win-win relationship can also be established in various other business models.

Local Platform Project

 Amid changes in social needs due to the declining birth rate and the aging of society, population decrease and the development of the Internet society, stores with strong ties to the community are decreasing although an increasing number of customers rather prefer such stores. The national government also prioritizes revitalization of local communities and economies as one of its policies.

 Under such circumstances, Cosmos Berry’s has been carrying out a project to be a local platform where customers can receive consultations on and solve various troubles in their daily lives. Local franchisers receive consultations regarding troubles from customers including elderly persons and solve them in a local network linking other stores with a local focus in other business fields.

Back up Manufacturers Having Pride in Monodzukuri (Manufacturing)

 Due to a trend of emphasizing selection and concentration in manufacturing, even products needed by customers are disappearing. On the other hand, some manufacturers consider such a trend to be a business chance and have started to manufacture unique products that precisely meet customer needs. However, the specially selected products are not mass-produced and are apt to be supplied to specialty stores or limited select shops where goods are treated carefully.

 Cosmos Berry’s intends to deal with such products in our integrated network. While taking advantage of the economies of scale of Yamada Denki, the company will offer such unique products, which large merchandisers cannot deal with, in response to diverse needs of customers of its local franchisers.