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Consistent Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction

 In addition to selling electric home appliance at reasonable prices, we provide useful services to satisfy customers while they use the products. Specifically, we believe that it is essential not only to improve customer satisfaction at stores but also to enhance overall customer satisfaction, including after sales service such as product delivery, installation and repair, from the stage in which they use the products onward.

 To maintain high quality services, we will continue employee training programs and also consistent reviews of customer satisfaction. We will make improvements in response to customers' opinions at stores, during product delivery, and in after-sales service. Furthermore, we put posters in eyeshot of employees to remind them to be careful about their appearance.

Employee Training through CS Improvement & Personal Development Campaign

 We launched an in-house campaign titled "CS Improvement & Personal Development Campaign" targeting all employees in the stores and the headquarters. In our efforts to shift employees' focus from only selling products to making proposals on expert service and solutions, we placed importance on the enhancement of the quality of employees' customer service, reminding them of the very basic, "attending customers with a smile," and encouraging them to acquire more knowledge on home appliances and houses (including renovation) with the aim of further improving customer satisfaction. As a tool to raise awareness of employees, we had them wear a CS improvement badge.

 Additionally, we conducted a questionnaire survey targeting staff members of the headquarters, who directly negotiate with business partners, in order to collect business partners' opinions from the perspective of CS improvement.

Encouraging the Acquisition of Qualification as Certified Electric Home Appliance Advisors

 We try to increase employees' expert knowledge so that we can provide customers with proper advice on selecting electric home appliances. In order to enable them to provide advice based on various factors, such as customers' needs with regard to product functions, their purpose of use, usage frequency, place of installation, as well as their preferences, we encourage employees to obtain external qualifications such as that for a certified electric home appliance advisor. We hold practical study sessions by outside lecturers, with the cooperation of manufacturers, and the number of qualified employees has been increasing.

 In fiscal 2016, the number of qualified employees exceeded 3,500.

Promotion of the Improvement Proposal System

 Yamada Denki prepares the Improvement Proposal System under which each staff member is encouraged to make proposals from an onsite viewpoint, with a view to realizing "Company-wide Participation in Management," so as to ensure better performance in daily duties and the overall corporate management.

 In fiscal 2016 as well, there were a total of 5,838 proposals that would lead to sales support, cost cutback, customer satisfaction improvement, and employee satisfaction improvement, and 182 of these proposals were newly adopted.

Training to Certify CS Managers

 In order to standardize CS activities in product delivery and installation, Yamada Denki requests its partner companies to receive its original "Training to Certify CS Managers." This is a system to certify responsible officials who provide persons in charge at respective companies with guidance on the standards that Yamada Denki specifies with regard to customer satisfaction, manners, operations, etc. in relation to product delivery and installation. A training session consists of educational training, group discussions and a written test. Under this system, Yamada Denki certifies CS managers of its partner companies, with the aim of maintaining their CS levels equivalent to those of the staff of Yamada Denki.

CS Improvement Activities by Group Companies

Establishment of Yamada Finance Co., Ltd.

Yamada Finance Co., Ltd.

 Yamada Finance offers various loan programs, such as Yamada Renovation Loan for funds for renovation, and Yamada Flat 35 and Yamada Flat Bridge Loan for funds for construction or purchase of new houses, at the lowest interest rate* in the industry in some cases, to support customers fi nancially.

* Based on the company's survey

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction through Brushing up Employees' Skills

Best Denki Co., Ltd.

 The Best Denki Group improved the content of training sessions with the aim of brushing up employees' skills for achieving better customer satisfaction. Throughout fiscal 2016, training was provided to all employees, including full-time employees, contract employees, nonregular staff and part-timers.

 Such training as that for improving customer service skills, and training for candidate or newly appointed store managers and assistant managers targeting managerial staff and officers, is provided to improve and standardize their skills of serving customers at stores and to enhance their sales capabilities as well as customer satisfaction by strengthening the leadership skills of managerial staff.

 Based on an action plan under the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, Best Denki also held the "Career Design Seminar" targeting female staff, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction from a female perspective through increasing opportunities for female staff and raising their status. Training for fostering specialists includes renovation-related training and training for increasing product knowledge and strengthening sales skills targeting corporate customers. Efforts for achieving better customer satisfaction are thus being made also from such perspectives.

Group Companies

 Group companies proactively offer support to their employees for the acquisition of various qualifications in accordance with their business. When employees successfully acquire qualifications, the company grants rewards therefor.