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Environmental Management

 In August 2010, We established Environmental Policy that indicates the company's basic stance concerning environmental activities, and has been making efforts, while keeping in mind this Environmental Policy and ISO14001 certifi cation as its concrete code of conduct.

Yamada Denki's Environmental Policy (Established in August 2010)

<< Code of Conduct >>

1.We comply with laws and regulations related to the environment and operate businesses with regard to our responsibility of global environmental protection and mitigation of environmental impact.

2.We identify the environmental impact of all of our business activities and make consistent efforts to reduce environmental impact and to prevent pollution.

3.Through our core businesses, we promote services and the sale of products that contribute to society-wide efforts to protect the global environment.

4.Through environmental education, we let each individual voluntarily act for the better environment on their own responsibility.

5.Having partnerships with our customers and local communities, we promote activities for environmental protection and actively disclose information.

Major Activities in Fiscal 2016

 In our business operation, we view environmental issues as an important agenda and promote the sale of products and the provision of services that have energy-saving functions and good environmental performance, and also promote the reuse and recycling business of electric products.

 In fi scal 2016, as our initiatives for the reduction of environmental impact through our business, we continued to promote the smart house business and the reuse and recycling business of home appliances and PCs, which was realized under the collaboration among our group companies (C.I.C. Corporation, Azuma Metal, and Inversenet). Furthermore, We use quantitative target management for environmental activities in each store based on ISO14001 environmental management system certifi cation obtained for the Takasaki headquarters, and endeavors to reduce environmental impact. The progress is reported at the monthly meeting of the Subcommittee on Environmental Measures and is disclosed on our website.