The south entrance of the store linked to Senri Chuo Station via a passageway is used by almost half of the visiting customers. At such key location of the store, the Showrooms of Housetec and Yamada SxL Home were newly opened through the latest remodeling.

 Aisles are broader than in other stores and fl oor layouts are devised. The cafeteria in the store is often filled and sofas are placed here and there to make customers feel relaxed and enjoy staying for a longer time. Such change of the store image surprises customers and is highly evaluated.

Kobori Houses, LABI Senri-kan

 This is the fi rst challenge to exhibit houses of Yamada SxL Home within a Yamada Denki store. Kobori houses are broadly known to customers and LABI Senri-kan is attracting many visitors who are encouraged by direct mail and other PR activities. Customers can obtain diverse advice and recommendations on houses and daily living from dedicated staff members and look at exhibitions of examples of custom-built houses built by employed architects and the latest IoT systems. There are also private booths for individual consultations. Customers visiting to buy home appliances are also interested in highly functional houses, leading to successful sales agreements of houses in some cases. The fact that Yamada Denki also deals with houses has come to be widely recognized and the synergy effect is appearing among the entirety of the group, including Housetec, a group company that specializes in renovation services.

Various Activities as Experience-based Stores

 LABI LIFE SELECT SENRI has been refurbished as an experience-based store. At the TV corner, TVs are displayed to better show color differences on screens to help customers choose large-screen TVs while confi rming actual colors. Other popular corners include the health counter where customers can measure blood pressure and the staff gives them recommendations on related goods, the cooking corner where customers can taste dishes prepared using highlyfunctional cooking appliances, and the kids' corner that was introduced for the first time in the neighboring areas.

Provide New Value to Customers

 The Digital Support Station (DSS) is a service corner to provide total support for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other digital equipment using the internet, covering the range from consultations to repairs. Customers are satisfied by the explanations given initially and highly rate the subsequent support services. At the DSS, not only dedicated staff members but also PC sales personnel serve customers and sell support services as part of the products by clarifying the prices therefor, which has worked to increase the peace of mind and satisfaction of customers. As a new type of store where customers can select an ideal, most up-to-date living style ranging from the most advanced home appliances to a comfortable living environment, LABI LIFE SELECT SENRI will provide new value while maintaining the quality of i ts wideranging proposals and further enhancing customer satisfaction.

 The Shiga Reuse and Recycle Center operated by C.I.C. Corporation, one of the Yamada Denki group companies, started operation in October 2015. This is the second recycling facility following the facility in Fujioka-shi, Gunma, and it became possible to handle collected products separately in the eastern part and the western part of Japan, leading to the enhancement of distribution efficiency.

 Recycled products are refrigerators, washing machines and TVs. We set the goal of the annual production of 36,000 units, and in fiscal 2016, approximately 30,000 units were produced. Recycled products thus produced at the Shiga Reuse and Recycle Center are sold at 7 outlet stores and one Best Denki store in Aichi Prefecture and westward areas and also by C.I.C. Corporation.

 The center is characterized by the ability to collect a large quantity of products through the network of the Yamada Denki Group and the fact that collected products are thoroughly disassembled and cleaned to remove stains and improve appearance. Additionally, special staff members with high skills repair collected products by replacing components and have successfully achieved a high reuse rate. We uniquely offer two-year guarantee for products for reuse, which is one of our strengths.

 We will promote repair of products by replacing components, which we started in 2016, more systematically and efficiently to further enhance the overall reuse rate. We will also endeavor to achieve more efficient production by ascertaining trends of product failures based on accumulated repair data, thereby aiming to contribute to the creation of an environmentally-friendly society and the reduction of environmental impact.

 Apart from Tecc Land stores, outlet stores mainly deal with a diverse lineup of products for reuse at a broad price range, and the 2-year guarantee for home appliances gives customers peace of mind and is favorably accepted. Basically, all reuse products are considered to be unique, and for a chance encounter between a product and a customer, we endeavor to prepare as many products as possible in order to satisfy the diverse needs of visiting customers in terms of functions and prices. The Yamada Denki Group is promoting the expansion of outlet stores and the increase of a lineup of products.

 Best Denki Co., Ltd., another group company of Yamada Denki, started handling products for reuse at its Nagasaki Store in March 2017. The store, which is located in the old shopping district, mainly had customers in the older age bracket, but thanks to the effect of advertisement leaflets and word of mouth, it has become widely known that the store also deals with products for reuse and the number of young customers and the overall number of customers are increasing.

 Yamada Outlet Kadoma also started the purchase and sale of second-hand clothes, in addition to home appliances, and has seen a signifi cant increase in the number of a broader range of customers, centered on young people. Some customers intending to buy secondhand clothes also buy home appliances and vice versa, thus creating the synergy effect.