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Environmental Initiatives

Reducing Environmental Footprint in Business Activities

Yamada Denki is promoting activities to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact from its stores and during the distribution of products.

Environmental Activities Concerning Stores and Distribution

 In January 2011, Yamada Denki obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification for the headquarters in Takasaki. To reduce environmental impact from our operational activities, we have been actively conducting measures for saving energy and resources at stores, including the introduction of renewable energy use, etc.

Energy Saving at Stores Reducing CO2 Emissions through Introduction of Demand Controllers

 We introduced demand controllers for the purpose of encouraging energy-saving efforts at stores through the comparison of CO2 emissions at each store and the analysis of power consumption by equipment and by time zone. In fiscal 2015, we increased the number of stores equipped with demand controllers to 390.

 In February 2016, LABI1 Nanba store was awarded the Power Conservation Award of the “FY2015 Osaka Stop Global Warming Awards” from Osaka Prefecture for its efforts for energy conservation. (See p.33.)

Shift to LED Lighting

 Since the latter term of 2013, Yamada Denki has been changing store lighting to LED lights. As of the end of March 2016, LED lighting has been adopted in 423 stores as an initiative for energy conservation.

Joint Distribution for Reducing CO2 Emissions

 Since 2010, Yamada Denki has been participating in the demonstration of a joint distribution platform for reducing environmental impact, which has been carried out in the Kyushu area by multiple entities, including distributors and home appliance retailers, etc. Through this initiative, load efficiency per vehicle was enhanced and the number of used vehicles was reduced, resulting in reduction of CO2 emissions by 91.1t in fiscal 2015, which amounts to an approximately 50.6% decrease compared with the case of distributing goods individually.

Reducing CO2 Emissions through Environmental Education

 We also try to raise employees’ awareness by asking questions related to the environment in examination tests for the certification of internal qualifications. Additionally, we encourage employees to obtain a qualification for a certified electric home appliance advisor.

Introducing Renewable Energy at Stores Continued Use of Green Power

 We have continued to use green power generated by renewable energy since fiscal 2008. In fiscal 2015, 83 stores have adopted green power, bringing the total volume of green power used by Yamada Denki to approximately 11.85 million kWh. All electricity used at the headquarters in Takasaki has been shifted to green power.

 Yamada Denki has been selected as an excellent partner in the Green Energy Partnership initiative for its contributions to the promotion of the diffusion of green power.

Introducing Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems

 Yamada Denki has been introducing photovoltaic power generation systems on store roofs, etc. As of the end of March 2016, 191 stores are equipped with such systems and a total of 39.042 million kWh of power was generated in fiscal 2015.

Distribution and Delivery Measures

 With our business partners, such as consigners and cooperative companies, we have tried to ensure idling stop during distribution and delivery in order to promote environmental activities in these fields. In fiscal 2015 as well, the implementation rate maintained a high level, exceeding 99%, since the commencement of the initiative in 2010./p>

CO2 Emissions from Use of Electricity

 Yamada Denki has continuously tried to reduce CO2 emissions from business activities. In fiscal 2015, we could reduce CO2 emissions per total floor area by around 19.4% compared with the level in fiscal 2010, as a result of our efforts to change store lighting to LED lights and thanks to the influence of the cool summer and warm winter.

※CO2 emission coefficient: 0.55kg-CO2/kWh


 We properly dispose of waste from stores and used electric home appliances recollected from customers that are not subject to the Act on Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances in accordance with relevant laws.

 We also properly disposed of waste in compliance with relevant laws and regulations in fiscal 2015.

Scope of Environmental Data for Fiscal 2015

* Seidensha Corporation Limited; Kyushu Tecc Land Co., Ltd.; C. I. C. Corporation; Inversenet Co., Ltd.; Cosmos Berry’s Co., Ltd.; Yamada Eco Solution Co., Ltd.; Matsuya Denki Co., Ltd.; Project White Co., Ltd.; Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd.; Azuma Metal Co., Ltd.; Gunma Sogo-Setsubi Co., Ltd.; Best Denki Co., Ltd.; TES Co., Ltd.; Kimuraya Select Co., Ltd.; and Housetec Inc. The scope of environmental data for past fiscal years differs by year due to elimination and consolidation of group companies.