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Personnel System Reform

Improving Labor Conditions and Environment Practices

 In fiscal 2016, we saw an improvement in the retention rate, which suggests that the development of pleasant working conditions is progressing. Employees have obtained external qualifications, such as those for a certified electric home appliance advisor, as planned. We have reviewed the wage system to introduce a new retirement allowance system that better reflects each employee's contribution to the company during their service. Additionally, we changed the workforce management to a per-minute basis to eliminate uncompensated overtime.

New Initiatives for Personnel System Reform

 For personnel system reform, we have promoted new initiatives as follows. (i) Area limited employment system: Formerly we recruited staff who can work nationwide, but we started a new employment system in April 2017, under which employees are not forced to move, in consideration of increasing needs of employees with regard to family circumstances, such as childbirth, child rearing, and nursing care. (ii) Selective corporation pension plan: This October, we will introduce a personal defined contribution pension plan, which ensures certain tax benefits and can increase the amount of retirement allowances. (iii) Education program for next-generation leaders: Under the 2016 action plan to promote activities of female staff, we conducted an education program. However, based on the idea that it is necessary to foster both male and female staff for ensuring sustainable growth of the company, we decided to train three or more leader candidates per store irrespective of gender. (iv) Amendment of the evaluation system: We will continue the campaign to encourage personal development and properly evaluate each employee's contribution to the company, based on such factors as job types, CS evaluations, acquisition of internal and external qualifications, and presented improvement proposals, under the amended point-addition evaluation system.

Support of the Hands-on Approach through Personnel System Reform

 17 female staff members have participated in female leadership training for six months to improve management skill, wherein they themselves set up tasks and voluntarily worked to achieve them based on the PDCA cycle. These members are expected to educate their subordinates as leaders. Through the experience of expanding businesses diversely, we have learned that it is important for superiors to work together with their subordinates and provide them with on-thejob training, instead of just telling them to follow the manuals. Based on this fiscal year's slogan of taking the hands-on approach, we will promote the personnel system reform systematically.