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Environmental Initiatives

Reducing Environmental Footprint in Business Activities

Yamada Denki considers that coexistence with the global environment is the basis of sustainable growth of our society and economy.

In line with this understanding, Yamada Denki actively engages in efforts for environmental protection through its main business, trying to reduce environmental load in its business operations.

Environmental Management

 In August 2010, Yamada Denki established its Environmental Policy that indicates the company’s basic stance concerning environmental activities, and has been making efforts, while keeping in mind this Environmental Policy and ISO14001 certification as its concrete code of conduct.

Major Activities in Fiscal 2015

 In our business operation, we view environmental issues as an important agenda and promote the sale of products and the provision of services that have energy-saving functions and good environmental performance, and also promote the reuse and recycling business of electric products.

 In fiscal 2015, as our initiatives for the reduction of environmental loads through our business, we continued to promote the smart house business and the reuse and recycling business of home appliances and PCs, which was realized under the collaboration among our group companies (C.I.C., Azuma Metal, and Inversenet). Furthermore, We use quantitative target management for environmental activities in each store based on ISO14001 environmental management system certification obtained for the Takasaki headquarters, and endeavors to reduce environmental loads. The progress is reported at the CSR Committee meeting held every month and is disclosed as a monthly report on our website. In addition we develop our activities along with discussions with outside experts at quarterly consultation meetings on CSR-focused management.

Yamada Denki’s Environmental Policy (Established in August 2010)

《Code of Conduct》

1.We comply with laws and regulations related to the environment and operate businesses with regard to our responsibility of global environmental protection and mitigation of environmental impact.

2.We identify the environmental impact of all of our business activities and make consistent efforts to reduce environmental impact and to prevent pollution.

3.Through our core businesses, we promote services and the sale of products that contribute to society-wide efforts to protect the global environment.

4.Through environmental education, we let each individual voluntarily act for the better environment on their own responsibility.

5.Having partnerships with our customers and local communities, we promote activities for environmental protection and actively disclose information.

Reduction of the Environmental Impact throughout the Product Lifecycle

 Yamada Denki facilitates environmentally-sustainable efforts by customers and society-wide efforts to reduce environmental impact by supporting households’ efforts for energy conservation, energy creation and energy storage through the sale of energy-efficient electric

Promoting Product Reuse and Recycling among the Yamada Denki Group

 In order to reduce the environmental impact by promoting the creation of a recycling-oriented society and in consideration of convenience of customers purchasing new products, Yamada Denki is offering services to purchase used products as part of its sales promotion activities.

 Purchased products are renewed as products for reuse within the Yamada Denki Group and are sold at outlet & reuse stores such as Yamada Outlet-kan. Those unsuited for reuse are also recycled within the group. Thus, we have created a comprehensive flow of reuse and recycling system completed within group companies.

Reuse of Home Appliances and PCs

 The Yamada Denki Group started the reuse business concerning electric home appliances in 2001, and the reuse and recycling businesses concerning personal computers in 2007.

 In fiscal 2015, we handled around 150,000 units of electric home appliances (TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers) and around 317,000 units of PCs in the reuse business. In order to enable customers to reuse used electric home appliances without worries, we have established original recycling systems for cleaning used appliances and checking their functions as well as offering a 24-month guarantee at the longest upon selling them, in collaboration with C.I.C., a group company. Meanwhile, we provide personal computer reuse and recycling services together with Inversenet.

 In fiscal 2016, we will increase the number of products for reuse and further improve product quality by expanding relevant factories and increasing personnel.

Participation in the PLA-PLUS Project

 Best Denki participated in the PLA-PLUS Project, a demonstration project to collect product plastic at stores for recycling, which was organized by the Ministry of the Environment. The campaign was carried out from February 14 to March 14, 2016, with the participation of 54 companies and organizations, aiming to collect used plastic products from consumers at stores and build a mechanism of recycling of product plastic. Best Denki installed a collection box at the Fukuoka main store and asked customers for cooperation.

Recycling of Ink Cartridges and Mobile Phones

 Yamada Denki is promoting recycling by installing ink cartridge collection boxes in each store. We make donations to the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation and the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents using funds obtained through the collection of cartridges. The fund supports medical care, environmental protection, and the education of children orphaned by car accidents.

 In fiscal 2015, we collected around 1.23 million cartridges and donated 7,352,190 yen.

 We will continue the recycling of used ink cartridges, thereby promoting such activities as offering support for children’s future, assisting the creation of a sound material-cycle society, and reducing waste and CO2 emissions through the reuse of empty ink cartridges.

 Additionally, we collect used mobile phones with the cooperation of Inversenet, one of our group companies, and extract rare metals therefrom, aiming to contribute to stable supply of rare metals.

Promoting Sale of Environmentally-Sustainable Products

 In order to promote society-wide efforts to reduce the environmental impact, we actively provide environmentally-sustainable products and services, such as smart houses and electric home appliances focusing on energy conservation, energy creation and energy storage.

 In fiscal 2015, annual CO2 emissions reduced through replacement purchases of energy-efficient products were 18,830 tons.

 In addition to promoting the sale of energy-efficient electric home appliances, Yamada Denki will aim to realize CO2 reductions at households as a whole by strengthening proposals concerning smart houses that include household energy management using photovoltaic power generation systems and EcoCute.

※Only covering replacement purchases

※TVs: Compare average annual power consumption of 32V-type liquid-crystal TVs between a 2006 year model and a 2014 year model
Refrigerators: Compare average annual power consumption of 401L to 450L refrigerators between a 2002 year model and a 2013 year model
Air conditioners: Compare average annual power consumption of wall-hanging air conditioners with 2.8 kW-class cooling capacity (representative energy-saving models) between a 2004 year model and a 2014 year model

※All calculated based on catalogue information concerning energy efficiency performance

※CO2 emission coefficient: 0.55kg-CO2/kWh