At the end of October 2015, Yamada Denki opened Concept LABI TOKYO at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station, the center of Tokyo and Japan’s front door.

 The store provides customers with a one-stop opportunity to see the most advanced home appliances and services that Japan is proud of, which is impossible for other home appliance stores, including our conventional LABI stores. As a source to transmit information based on the most advanced concept, Concept LABI TOKYO proposes new lifestyles, while displaying the latest products and services of multiple major manufacturers.

 This is an innovative unique Yamada Denki store sending the most advanced information to the whole world, not limited to Japan, by making the most of its strengths of being the only home appliance mass merchandiser that has a nationwide store network.

 At Concept LABI TOKYO, the concept for each floor from B1F to 10F is presented as a stage. With lineups of the most advanced products and various solution services, as well as tax-free services and dedicated counters for corporate and governmental customers, the store constantly sends the latest information through events held on each stage.

 Concept LABI TOKYO will give customers surprises and positive impressions by constantly offering exciting opportunities to find something new and transmitting information on attractive new products and services.

 Housetec Inc., a household equipment manufacturer in the Yamada Denki Group, which has been operating showrooms nationwide, opened a new style showroom within the Tecc Land Sapporo main store in December 2015. The showroom presents concrete images of renovated houses and offers comprehensive proposals to a wide range of customers, including the elderly, families with children, and newly married couples.

 The Tecc Land Sapporo main store has the ability to attract many customers and this is an advantage compared with ordinary showrooms separately built. By delivering leaflets to customers in advance regarding various events, such as renovation consultation meetings and services to provide advice on daily living troubles, the showroom has been visited by many customers on weekends. Collaboration between home appliance sales staff and Housetec advisors is also strengthened, in such a manner as having a salesperson guide a customer who intends to purchase a dish washer to the showroom to solve water-related troubles at home.

 Furthermore, housing contractors, home builders and other housing-related business users also visit the showroom. They sometimes can bring their own customers to the showroom to show them how to use the products of Housetec. This method of utilizing the showroom for B-to-B-to-C* services has become popular. In collaboration with diversified businesses of the Yamada Denki Group, the showroom is expected to respond to the expansion of the renovation market.

* B-to-B-to-C
Original idea of the Yamada Denki Group to offer support services not only to housing contractors but also to their customers that they bring, far removed from the conventional ideas of B-to-B services or B-to-C services