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Original Product Development Services

Expansion of Lineup of Original Home Appliances

 Yamada Denki's original brand, "HERB Relax" series, is developed as a series of home appliances that are simple, easy to handle, and well-designed. We will continue to make efforts to further enhance its lineup. Regarding well-designed original models, whose major concept is to differentiate the Yamada Denki brand from others and enhance its value, six types of cooking appliances are now being sold and the number of models developed in collaboration with Sanrio company, ltd. has increased to 14. Newly launched 7kg washing machines also sell well and have contributed to increasing the overall sales of the "HERB Relax" series. From now on, we will consider the adoption of the PB system in addition to the SPA system.

Ongoing Efforts to Expand the Lineup of Products

 The number of original home appliances reached 380 items as of March 2017, up by 67 items from the year earlier. While the number is thus increasing, the round LED light, for which there are not many rival products, is popular among customers for its high energyeffi ciency and functions (a remote controller). The original microwave oven, which has achieved both unbeatable price and functionality, became a hot seller at stores and enjoys a high evaluation.

 The number of original home appliances is expected to further increase in this fiscal year through the adoption of the PB system, which will speed up the development process. We will also expand the lineup of well-designed models, centered on cooking appliances, which are popular and are selling steadily.

Efforts to Increase Knowledge on Original Home Appliances among Employees as Well as Customers

 In order to make original home appliances more broadly recognized, it is important to deepen understanding of both customers and employees. The original microwave oven has been selling well partly backed by detailed explanations given by sales staff. We will train our staff so that they can properly promote the characteristic feature of "HERB Relax" series, "Products with Functions Preferred by Customers," to further expand the business performance.