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Personnel System Reform

Yamada Denki has built a mechanism to optimize working shifts in respective stores and has been carrying out personnel system reform with the aim of improving labor productivity and sales efficiency. We will make the system fairer and more impartial and secure excellent personnel who will forge the future of Yamada Denki.

To Ensure Excellent Human Resources

 Human resources are the source of growth power for Yamada Denki, which engages in the retail business. Fostering and managing human resources, which affects the very basis of the business, is a permanent challenge for retailers. People with various employment statuses are working for Yamada Denki at present and employment management has become increasingly important. We are working on personnel system reform, aiming to improve the working environment and stably secure excellent personnel, thereby stabilizing sales and business performance.

Personnel System Reform to Bring out Employees’Capabilities

▶ Career Step-up by Employment Status
 Career step-up by employment status means promotion by stage from part-timers to full-time workers and then to managerial staff. We introduced a qualification system under which three-stage qualification criteria are set for each employment status and promotion is decided depending on test scores and evaluation by superiors. Through more objective capability evaluation, we aim to foster and secure excellent personnel.

 We also encourage employees to obtain external qualifications, such as that for a certified electric home appliance advisor, to be a professional well-versed in home appliances (Certification Center, Association for Electric Home Appliances) and the Photo Master certificate (Kokusai Bunka College), hoping that they utilize such qualifications in serving customers to build a relationship of trust.

▶ Wage System Reform
 We reviewed the retirement benefit system to better reflect employees’ contributions while in service.

▶ Reform of Working Shifts by Store
 In order to optimize working shifts of sales staff, we designed various shift patterns in accordance with the conditions of each store. By eliminating unreasonable or wasteful shift arrangements, we aim to control personnel costs and fully utilize the minimum labor capacity necessary to stabilize sales.

Improve ES in Response to Changes of the Times

 The major objective of the personnel system reform is to contribute to improving employee satisfaction (ES) to have all employees feel happy to work for Yamada Denki.

 Unreasonable and wasteful labor arrangements are apt to occur in a large-scale store network expanding nationwide. However, reduction of personnel costs is required from a business perspective. Optimal deployment and utilization of personnel enables control of personnel costs as well as fair and impartial working conditions and store operation. We will endeavor to move to a more reasonable personnel system flexibly responding to the changes of the times and stimulate and encourage existing employees.