Yamada Net Mall Services

Increasing Purchasers of Products Listed on the Net Mall

 Facilitating utilization of both the Internet and real stores, the Yamada Net Mall has been expanding the solution business, while making the most of the company's strengths of having real stores. We are improving the recommendation function to recommend products listed on the Yamada Net Mall to customers visiting stores. This recommendation function works well for some products and the numbers of customers who purchase products via the Yamada Net Mall and those who purchase products recommended online at real stores are both increasing. As the mechanism and measures to increase participating retailers have created results beyond our expectation, the performance for fiscal 2016 exceeded the initial prospects.

Almost Doubled Lineup of Items

 The Yamada Net Mall deals with necessities directly linked to daily lives, such as daily commodities, articles of personal taste, and medicine and medical equipment. The number of items was approximately 1.2 million as of the end of fiscal 2015, but approximately 1 million items have been added, including an enhanced lineup of books. In addition to increasing the number of items, we will take on new challenges to optimize and maximize our efforts to cultivate new member customers for the future growth of this business. More specifically, we are testing a new system and mechanism saving resources at real stores and will strengthen measures to maintain the synergy effect between the Internet and real stores by better utilizing the already introduced tablet POS system.

Strengthening of Services Compatible with Other Solution Businesses

 We are promoting this business in collaboration with other solution businesses, such as through providing products listed on the Yamada Net Mall as part of items relating to the housing business or offering support for development and sales activities of original products. When selecting new participating retailers, we confi rm that candidate participants fully understand the characteristics and nature of the Yamada Net Mall, instead of focusing only on increasing the number of participants, thereby trying to expand and increase the attraction of the mall and achieve the goals set up in the business plan.