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Original Product Development Services

Yamada Denki has been developing and selling its original brand, “HERB Relax” series,* as the SPA business, integrally covering from planning to retailing. As a series of home appliances proposed by a home appliance mass merchandiser close to customers, we carefully seek the minimum functions necessary to meet customer needs.

Home Appliances Originally Developed by Yamada Denki

 More and more customers prefer simple, easy-to-handle home appliances, rather than leading-edge highly-functional ones, as their lifestyles are increasingly diversified. Under the basic concept, “Products with Functions Preferred by Customers” instead of seeking so-called “high functionality,” new products are being developed from the customers’ viewpoint. As of the end of March 2016, there are a total of 313 products mainly in categories of consumable goods and small home appliances.

 As the home appliance mass merchandiser visited by the largest number of customers in Japan, one of our strengths is that we can directly reflect customers’ opinions in developing original products. Additionally, since our nationwide network reduces distribution cost, we can directly sell original products at Yamada Denki stores nationwide at reasonable prices.

Product Development Strictly from Customers’ Viewpoint

 Yamada Denki’s original brand, “HERB Relax” series, seeks userfriendliness and convenience based on information obtained from customers upon serving them and the opinions of sales persons. For example, the iron with a long cord was developed based on an opinion that conventional ones are inconvenient due to short cords. The dish dryer with a timer was developed in response to an opinion that power may be saved if a dryer can be set to work during night time, and the commercialized dryer makes it possible to efficiently utilize night-time power. The original handy cleaner and pop-up toaster have been highly evaluated for their simple functions and designs and have recorded the top sales among respective product categories of Yamada Denki.

 Yamada Denki’s original brand, “HERB Relax” series, is developed as a series of home appliances that are simple, easy to handle, and welldesigned. Now that a relatively complete lineup has become available, we are also developing physically beautiful products with high originality to further enhance the brand.

Contribute to Achieving Better Performance through Expanding Sales of Original Products

 Original products developed by the SPA method can reduce costs and make it possible to achieve higher profit ratios than by selling general home appliances. Therefore, we are focusing on the development of original products to increase their sales. We will endeavor to develop user-friendly and environmentally-friendly products with functions preferred by customers, while increasing the amount of sales of such products and trying to achieve better performance as a whole with higher profit rates.

Abbreviation of “Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel”; Yamada Denki develops its original brand “HERB Relax” series as the SPA business, integrally covering marketing, planning, development and retailing. The company develops and sells original home appliances with only necessary functions that are simple and easy to handle, based on customers’ opinions regularly heard at stores.