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Daily Life Support Services

Cultivation of Highly Profi table Businesses

 The New Business Development Offi ce, which was established in January 2016, has repeated tests for new business seeds and has successfully found some promising business models that may turn to be profi table. The progress is thus beyond our expectation.

 We will further endeavor to create new business models through the utilization of big data accumulated within the Yamada Denki Group.

Three Priority Businesses

 We have high expectations of the following three businesses as our promising future business models.

 The first is the home rental business, which we commenced in March 2016. As of February 2017, this business had expanded to be conducted at fi ve stores. We are planning to increase the number of stores to around sixty in this fi scal year, centered on Tecc Land stores, anticipating a potential of this business to increase profi ts.

 The second is the Yamada Family Support Services. We will expand this as a kind of mutual support business covering customers' daily lives "from the cradle to the grave" to achieve our ultimate goal, the maintenance of lifelong relationships with customers.

 The third is the insurance business. At present, we are conducting it at several stores on a trial basis and are sensing its potential to contribute to revenue growth. We plan to aggressively expand this business to around 100 stores.

 For the time being we will intensively promote these three highly promising businesses.

Aim to Contribute to Increasing Profi ts

 The home appliances market has been diffi cult to forecast in recent years, and therefore, we have actively entered into other types of business. However, competition will also become severer in these new fields. In such a situation, we aim to increase profits by developing new business models fully utilizing the platform of our real store network.