Yamada Net Mall Services

As the number of customers using web stores is constantly increasing, Yamada Denki built and has operated a website, YAMADA WEB COM, to complement the convenience of real stores by placing goods and services on the Internet, and an online shopping mall, Yamada Mall, to respond to needs of viewers of the website.

Yamada Mall Dealing with Non-electronics Products

 Approximately 1.2 million items (as of the end of March 2016) are available on the Yamada Mall, covering necessities directly linked to daily lives including daily commodities (food, beverages, beauty and health items, etc.), articles of personal taste (books, DVDs, cosmetics and accessories, etc.) and medicine and medical equipment (contact lenses, etc.). They are mainly items that may be recommended along with home appliances. Web stores and real stores complement each other: instead of being competitive, to generate a synergistic effect and contribute to increasing sales.

Solution Businesses Unique to Yamada Denki

 Many distributors and retailers are endeavoring to effectively implement omni-channel strategies to promote mutual utilization of the Internet and real stores. The Yamada Mall takes on the following three challenges as one of Yamada Denki’s solution businesses, making the most of the company’s strengths of having real stores. Thus, Yamada Mall is not limited to simply utilizing both the Internet and real stores.

 The first solution is to sell the same products at real stores as those sold online.. For example, at the end of 2013, Kani Osechi (specially prepared New Year’s dishes with crab meat) posted on a web store sold well also at real stores and achieved big sales.

 The second solution is to utilize Yamada Denki’s loyalty point members as an infrastructure. Yamada Denki’s loyalty point members are attractive to entities engaging in e-commerce. The Yamada Mall allows applicants to open their stores immediately after filing an application. Through facilitating web store opening, we consistently provide loyalty point members with fresh information on products and services with the aim of further increasing our share in the market.

 The third solut ion is to improve the funct ion of making recommendations. We intend to improve customer convenience by also recommending hot-selling products on the Yamada Mall to customers visiting real stores.

Beyond the Integration of Real Stores and Web Stores

 The Yamada Mall business seeks the potential to facilitate new businesses, rather than being limited to complementing the convenience of real stores.

 At present, users of real stores are enjoying the abundant contents of the Yamada Multi SNS services while going back and forth between real stores and virtual stores without noticing it. The YAMADA WEB COM and Yamada Mall having such seamless mechanisms are mutually linked with Yamada Denki’s solution businesses, soliciting website users to visit real stores and enabling the company to make the most of its strengths of having real stores.

 We will continuously endeavor to update and advance these mechanisms to link loyalty point members to new businesses and services via online shopping, thereby increasing Yamada Denki’s share in the market and improving customer satisfaction.