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Home Renovation Services

Operation of Housetec Showrooms

 We position the renovation market as one of the sectors with growth potential amid social changes represented by the declining birthrate, the aging of society, and population decrease. In collaboration with Housetec Inc., a subsidiary household equipment manufacturer, we have been selling unit kitchens and other plumbing products. Housetec Showrooms within Yamada Denki stores increased to 63 by February 2017 since the first one was opened in November 2015.

Comprehensive Housing Proposals Helpful for Customers

 In relation to Net Zero Energy Houses, we will promote proposals on exterior renovation of roofs and outer walls for enhancing density and heat insulation capacity, as well as on products related to energy conservation and energy creation by the use of photovoltaic power generation systems.

 In terms of the organizational structure, the Sales Offi ce takes the initiative in improving performance of the renovation business and uniformly managing and guiding personnel. We provide truly helpful housing proposals comprehensively to all customers to enhance their satisfaction and increase overall sales.

Eight Declarations for Ensuring Safety in Home Renovation Services

 The Yamada Denki Group promises the following as eight declarations to ensure that customers can utilize our services with peace of mind.

1.Present the latest products at showrooms that are the largest in their respective areas.

2.Ensure safety and security under a full support system.

3.Promise to disclose all answers to questionnaires to build customers' trust.

4.Adopt a responsible personnel replacement system to ensure safe and reliable customer services.

5.Our female staff gently serves.

6.Our staff visits customers' homes.

7.Propose reliable, clear and speedy plans.

8.Ensure safe construction under the control of local professionals.

 Customers highly evaluate our efforts to present clear policies as being trustworthy, and we are receiving more orders.