Smart House Services

Achieve 100% Sales of Net Zero Energy Houses by 2020

 While the introduction of Net Zero Energy Houses (ZEH) is being promoted as a national policy, it is three years since Yamada Denki commenced the sale of houses superior in heat insulation property and energy efficiency that are equipped with photovoltaic power generation systems. The Yamada Denki Group, as an electrical home appliance merchandiser, has created a network to sell houses as a whole, including everything therein, and aims to make the percentage of Net Zero Energy Houses in all housing sales reach 100% by 2020. In order to gain publicity, we have launched PR activities using commercial fi lms and brochures and the presence of the smart house business in the Yamada Denki Group increased signifi cantly compared to three years ago. Additionally, Yamada SxL Home and Housetec have come to be broadly known as Yamaha group and we will continue to accelerate our sales of smart houses.

Smart Houses Fully Utilizing Infrastructure Available within the Group

 We are trying to expand exhibition of our smart houses at general model house exhibition sites, but at the same time, we have also fully utilized the infrastructure available within the Yamada Denki Group and have installed model houses and showrooms within stores and at parking lots of stores, such as at Tecc Land Kasukabe store. In this manner, we are seeking a synergistic effect of home appliances and smart houses. Furthermore, we opened LABI Senri-kan for exhibiting Kobori houses at LABI LIFE SELECT SENRI, with the aim of enhancing the brand value of Yamada SxL Home, focusing on its strong design skills, and facilitating the growth of the Yamada Denki Group as a whole.

 We will continue make the most of real stores of Yamada Denki to sell houses and home appliances as a package and offer renovation  We will continue make the most of real stores of Yamada Denki to sell houses and home appliances as a package and offer renovation services, thereby further enhancing customer convenience

For Customers' Rich Lifestyles

 Ever-increasing sales of detached houses are no longer expected due to the declining birthrate and aging population. Under such circumstances, we place focus on making proposals to renovate existing houses to smart houses or introduce energy-effi cient electric home appliances, and will also expand the business scope to cover the renovation of condominiums and the sale of custom-built houses.

 We will make an all-out effort to enrich people's lives by providing robust and durable houses together with the latest and energyeffi cient home appliances.