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Daily Life Support Services

Yamada Denki has endeavored to acquire more members, such as loyalty point members, Yamada LABI card members, and long-term guarantee members through various services. Daily Life Support Services are new services targeting Yamada premium members to solve problems in their daily lives through its unique support mechanism.

Concept is Peaceful Daily Lives

 The Yamada Denki Group is creating new services based on its original IoT initiatives in order to respond to social changes such as the declining birth rate and the aging of society with population decrease and the development of the Internet society.

 For example, comprehensive home appliances maintenance contract, “New The Anshin,” is a unique guarantee service covering products purchased at other merchandisers as well if customers simply pay annual charges. Members can bring about products they purchased at any other merchandisers to Yamada Denki stores for repair. We provide such characteristic services and have succeeded in improving customer satisfaction.

New Services Targeting Yamada Premium Members

 Daily Life Support Services are provided to Yamada premium members, dealing with problems in their daily lives promptly as part of Yamada Denki’s various solution services. Discounted charges for members for the use of various support services, free delivery at specified times, acceptance of delivery request calls, special coupons, and free aroundthe- clock renovation consultations, etc. are comprehensively offered. In particular, watch-over services and daily assistance services are new services targeting elderly people living alone. The services ascertain signs of changes in physical conditions and living environments of the elderly by the use of “SUKOYAKA®” commercialized by Nihon Kohden Corporation. Family members living separately are informed of such signs, and at the same time elderly persons are provided with information for improving and controlling their health to prevent illness. Yamada Denki offers Daily Life Support Services and other services for Yamada premium members available on the condition of paying monthly fees. With reasonable, secure and convenient services based on its nationwide store network and original IoT initiatives, Yamada Denki will further endeavor to support the daily lives of its premium members to secure their loyalty and repeated visits to the stores.

Create New Revenue Models

 The home appliances market is not expected to achieve as high a growth rate as in the past due to the influence of the declining birth rate and the aging of society, population decrease and the development of the Internet society. We are required to create new revenue models in the home appliances business for the sake of customers who will patronize Yamada Denki into the future, shareholders, and our employees.

 The concept of Daily Life Support Services has the potential to expand Yamada Denki’s business range with the focus shifting from goods to servicing. We will cooperate with companies in various other fields such as those engaging in the sale of power so that we can offer various solution services to as many as 50 million members. We will make further efforts for developing new services to achieve better customer satisfaction.