Renovation Services

Yamada Denki has engaged in the renovation business to make houses safer, more comfortable and environmentally-friendly, ranging from small-scale renovation of water-related equipment to large-scale barrier-free renovation for elderly residents. We are cultivating the renovation market, while taking advantage of our strengths in selling home appliances and strong ties among group companies.

Respond to All Renovation-related Needs in Collaboration among Group Companies

 Yamada Denki offers optimal proposals on renovation of houses according to customers’ requests and budgets to meet their diverse lifestyle requirements.

 Yamada Denki and Housetec Inc., a subsidiary household equipment manufacturer, jointly handle small to medium-scale renovation work. At Housetec Showrooms within Yamada Denki stores and Total Smarnity Life Corner booths installed in major 168 stores nationwide, specialist staff members propose renovation plans to customers.

 Large-scale renovation works are handled by Yamada SxL Home and Yamada Wood House, both of which have abundant experience and knowledge concerning house building. They accept orders such as those for barrier-free renovation for the elderly and renovation for twogeneration households.

Acquire New Customers by Shop in Shop Strategy

 We consider the renovation market as a market with growth potential amid social changes, such as the declining birth rate and the aging of society with population decrease. In November 2015, we opened the first Housetec Showroom in LABI1 Takasaki store, and have been expanding showrooms within Yamada Denki’s stores nationwide.

 Housetec mainly did business with local housing contractors and other housing-related business users. However, these showrooms within Yamada Denki’s stores are experience-based ones which enable ordinary customers to concretely imagine how they have their houses built or renovated by viewing actual unit kitchens, baths, bathroom vanities, and toilets, etc. or experiencing all-electric homes in simulated living environments. Furthermore, construction materials and lighting equipment, etc. are also displayed to facilitate smooth negotiations in an efficient manner and advisors with specialist knowledge are stationed to provide meticulous advice to customers. Housetec Showrooms are designed to enable diverse customers ranging from those with small children to the elderly to compare and examine various latest household equipment and devices depending on their respective lifestyles.

 In addition to conventional businesses centered on B-to-B services, we are trying to expand B-to-C services to enhance our brands, cultivate new customer segments and strengthen sales capabilities of the group as a whole and are successfully broadening our business range.

Generously Input All Know-how Acquired through Mass Sale of Home Appliances

 Yamada Denki positions the renovation business as a new key business following the sale of home appliances, and has endeavored to develop new services independent from conventional business models by inputting all the know-how it has acquired as a home appliance mass merchandiser. We are developing guides to our renovation services on our website based on our original concept of IoT and have generated new needs. We clarify charges and offer a guarantee and after-sales services to ease customers’ anxiety as in the case of selling home appliances. We will further strengthen the construction system and information management system in cooperation with group companies and local housing contractors in order to respond to increasingly diversified customer needs.