Smart House Services

For the reduction of environmental loads, we prioritize the smart house (environmentally-friendly house) business as the core of our housing business. We offer comprehensive and one-stop proposals on new lifestyles at stores, seeking a synergistic effect of home appliances and smart houses, together with proposals on the development of household communications infrastructure suitable for the Internet society.

Smart Houses Free from Utility Charges

 We offer proposals for smart houses comprehensively combining suggestions on “energy creation” through effective use of natural energy such as photovoltaic power generation systems and EcoCute, “energy storage” with batteries to store surplus power, and “energy conservation” with LED lighting and HEMS.* Smart houses realize environmentally-friendly and budget-pleasing daily lives free from utility charges.

 These composite technologies and services are provided by housingrelated group companies. In close collaboration with group companies, Yamada Denki helps customers build their ideal houses from their own viewpoint based on our unique perspective as a home appliance mass merchandiser.

Built Consultation and Support System at Stores

 It is advantageous that we can promote the sale of smart houses at Tecc Land stores, which have the ability to attract many customers. Total Smarnity Life Corner booths (booths for comprehensive consultations on renovation) and Housetec Showrooms are installed within Tecc Land stores and model houses and mockups operated by Yamada SxL Home or Yamada Wood House are established within their premises. Customers visiting Tecc Land stores can have negotiations on smart houses on the spot if interested and can consult with professionals on renovation of their houses easily. We also offer preferential loans and various insurance services. We have thus built a one-stop system to offer all services and support for building smart houses.

Support the Entirety of Daily Living through Yamada Denki Group’s Original IoT Initiatives

 Yamada Denki offers total support to purchasers of smart houses by fully utilizing the know-how on after-sales services which it has acquired through the experience of selling home appliances.

 The Yamada Denki Group has been promoting the initiatives of “energy conservation” through the dissemination of energy-efficient electric home appliances, “energy creation” by the use of photovoltaic power generation systems, and “energy storage” to store generated power, and offers proposals on smart houses wherein these initiatives are controlled and integrated through the use of the HEMS and communications infrastructure (proposals on newly-built houses and net zero energy houses (ZEH)), from the customers’ viewpoint and based on a downstream perspective under the original concept of IoT, independent from conventional ones employed by ordinary home builders. As part of our Daily Life Support Services, we provide watchover services and have enhanced a mechanism to support safe and secure daily living, in addition to giving due consideration to the environment.

 Yamada Denki’s smart house business realizes the provision of services for the entirety of a house by offering proposals on houses and home appliances, which have mutual affinity, at the same time, based on its original IoT initiatives, in consideration of the environment and in response to coming aging society with fewer children. We will continue promoting this business proactively to further enhance customer convenience.

Abbreviation of “Home Energy Management System”; A mechanism to network home appliances and enable integral control of household energy consumption