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Environmental Business: Expansion of Outlet & Reuse Stores

In order to effectively utilize limited resources, the Yamada Denki Group sells unsold old models and discontinued models as outlet products and also sells used products which it purchased from customers as products for reuse. We have developed an integrated flow of reuse and recycling of home appliances and PCs and respond to diverse customer needs.

Sell Outlet Products and Products for Reuse

 Outlet products are unsold old models being sold at reasonable prices after the release of new models. We make the most of our nationwide store/distribution network to secure stocks and a lineup for the convenience of customers.

 Products for reuse are used products that we purchased from customers at Tecc Land and other stores and then renewed for resale through the processes of checking, breakdown, repair and cleaning at Recycle Centers.

 These products are sold at Yamada Outlet-kan and Sairaku-kan. The Yamada Denki Group is contributing to the effective use of limited resources through recycling home appliances and responsibly conducting final disposal of waste.

Long-term Guarantee for Home Appliances for Reuse to Reassure Customers

 The number of customers visiting our outlet & reuse stores is increasing constantly in tandem with changes in lifestyles of people for all ages.

 Our long-term quality guarantee system is one of the reasons for favorable demand for our products for reuse. Recycled products for reuse, which are checked, cleaned and otherwise processed at factories of group companies, are sold with a 24-month guarantee at the longest. Customers can purchase them without worries as though they were purchasing new products. Furthermore, we repair products for reuse as long as it is possible, and will exchange any unrepairable products with equivalent ones. Additionally, we sometimes plan and launch unique campaigns such as offering discount for customers who purchase multiple products at one time, thereby trying to further expand the market of home appliances for reuse.

Enhance Lineup to Increase Profit

 The outlet & reuse business is expected to attract new customer segments and increase their contribution ratios in the total sales. We had purchased mainly refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, personal computers, mobile phones and digital cameras but started to additionally purchase microwave ovens, rice cookers and cleaners in response to the expansion of customer segments and diversification of their needs. Some stores also started to handle second-hand clothes and other non-electronics products. By preparing a lineup unique to the Yamada Denki Group in consideration of the quality, performance and functions of products for reuse, we will boost new demand and differentiate ourselves from other competitors.

Accelerated Opening of Outlet & Reuse Stores as New Driving Force for Growth

 As of the End of March 2016, there are 16 Yamada Outlet-kan stores. We plan to open one outlet store per month to have 50 stores nationwide by the end of March 2018.