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Environmental Business: Reuse and Recycling Business

Yamada Denki offers services to purchase used home appliances from customers when they purchase new products, and recycles those used products as high quality reuse products for sale at Yamada Outlet-kan and other stores within the group. Through the dissemination and expansion of the sale of products for reuse, we are contributing to the creation of a sustainable low-carbon recycling-oriented society, while responding to diversifying consumer needs.

Recycling-oriented System for Used Home Appliances

 Some customers dispose of relatively new and reusable home appliances when they purchase new products. The Yamada Denki Group is conducting the reuse business to purchase used products, sort them, and recycle useful ones and sell them as products for reuse.

 We purchase nine items (TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, personal computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, microwave ovens, rice cookers and cleaners) at our stores. We ask customers whether they recycle old products themselves or want us to purchase them. In principle, we offer purchase prices for products that were manufactured up to seven years ago, depending on the conditions of the relevant products and whether any accessories are missing. Purchased old products are sent to Recycling Centers, where they are subjected to strict function checks by specialist electrical workers, parts replacement, and product testing, etc. and are renewed and resold as high quality products for reuse after the processes of cleaning, breakdown, inspections, etc.

Increase Production Capacity in Response to Growing Demand for Products for Reuse

 The Yamada Denki Group started the reuse and recycling business in 2001 and has created one of the best mechanisms in the industry through collaboration among group companies, and making use of its nationwide store network. Based on this mechanism, we have been promoting the expansion of outlet/reuse stores across the nation under the business plan, but limited production capacity is the limiting factor.

Used products had been renewed as products for reuse or recycled as resources solely at the Fujioka Recycle Center, but the Shiga Reuse and Recycle Center started operation in October 2015. In order to further increase production capacity, we are reviewing the production system of CIC., one of the group companies. We are going to expand factories and increase personnel to step up production and the supply of products to outlet & reuse stores with the aim of further developing the reuse and recycling business.

Reuse of PCs

 Old PCs that the Yamada Denki Group purchases from customers are sent to Inversenet, one of the group companies, where useful ones are renewed as products for reuse and those unsuitable for reuse are recycled as resources, etc. Specifications of personal computers are improved much faster than other home appliances, and accordingly, there is a different type of hurdle to overcome for the reuse of personal computers. Through processes of internationally certified data erasing, pre-install of the authentic Windows OS, and environmentally-friendly cleaning, the Yamada Denki Group renews used personal computers as high-value goods for reuse.

Reuse Business for the Sake of Customers and the Global Environment

 The number of customers visiting Yamada Outlet-kan to seek home appliances for reuse is increasing. The market of products for reuse is expanding continuously due to changes in consumers’ awareness, such as preferring simple old models, choosing inexpensive recycled products for short-term use, or wanting to reduce waste. Reuse and recycling initiatives not only contribute to the creation of a sound material-cycle society, but also are effective as measures to reduce environmental impact by decreasing CO2 emissions that would be generated in the process of production development. The Yamada Denki Group will proactively promote reuse and recycling of products in order to meet the requirements of society.