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Outline of the Medium-term Business Plan (Publicized on November 5, 2015)

 In November 2015, Yamada Denki established and publicized the Structural Reform for Enhancing Corporate Value Medium-term Business Plan covering the period up to fi scal 2019.

 This plan is not a conventional one and places the emphasis on feasibility and profi tability, rather than only aiming to increase the total sales. This prioritizes capital effi ciency, such as the improvement of ROE, instead of merely seeking the expansion of the corporate size. We will implement this plan steadily to achieve sustainable growth.

 We have cultivated new businesses (cultivation of new markets), with various solution businesses positioned as another principal pillar, seeking to broaden and expand our business range, in addition to existing businesses centered on the sale of home appliances. We have developed services responding to social changes represented by the declining birth rate and the aging of society, population decrease and the development of the Internet society, and have continuously endeavored to enhance corporate value in the medium to long-term perspective through innovative business expansion from the customers' viewpoint and based on a downstream perspective.

 In fi scal 2017, we will continue our efforts to strongly promote the structural reform as explained below, in light of various changing social needs and strictly based on the hands-on approach, so as to bring about further results.

 This Chapter outlines the progress of measures under each theme and related characteristic activities are introduced as topics.

 With "Creation and Challenge" and "Appreciation and Trust" as our management philosophy, we will constantly conduct innovation for the sustainable growth and development of the Yamada Denki Group.

Major Consolidated Numerical Targets in the Medium-term Business Plan

* Values for up to fi scal 2016 represent actual performance and those for fi scal 2017 are estimates publicized on May 9, 2017.