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Messages from Top Executives

Contribute to Creating Profits Through Diverse Reform Measures to Achieve a Pleasant Working Environment

KUWANO Mitsumasa

President-Director, Representative Director and COO

Control Management with Existing Businesses as the Core of Our Business

 I assumed the office of President-Director, Representative Director and COO and will be in charge of the control of management with existing businesses as the core of our business.

 Looking back on fiscal 2015, the home appliance distribution industry as a whole has suffered the influence of the declining birth rate and the aging of society, population decrease and the development of the Internet society and faces the situation wherein the growth in average sale per customer does not lead to the increase in the total sales. Under such circumstances, Yamada Denki succeeded in improving the profit ratio thanks to the structural reform it has worked on since the year before last.

 I will mainly focus on developing and maintaining existing businesses and will endeavor to achieve the Medium-term Business Plan up to FY2019 in cooperation with Chairman YAMADA and Vice Chairman ICHIMIYA.

Human Resources Management is the Key Part of Business Management

 Based on the management philosophy and policies that Yamada Denki has established and followed, I will carry out strategies and measures required for the coming age. I consider the personnel system reform and human resources development to be urgent themes in particular. I will make the utmost efforts in these areas to meet the goal, thereby aiming to achieve the Medium-term Business Plan.

 Human resources are important for home appliance mass merchandisers and strengthening human resources management is the key for solving managerial problems. Personnel system reform is cited as one of the concrete measures for the structural reform with the intention to foster and secure excellent personnel and have them contribute to business performance under an established mechanism of efficient personnel deployment. When developing an efficient mechanism, the point is balancing labor management cost and enhancement of the labor quality. Yamada Denki introduced a meticulous working hour management system consisting of the working shift system and the total working hour system for store staff. This new system will be effective in optimizing the allocation of working hours to enable personnel to shift their focus, from only offering proposals on goods to also offering expert service and solutions. The new system will encourage personnel to enhance their customer service skills and also reduce overall labor costs.

Reduce Labor Costs while Maintaining Labor Force

 The basic concept of the total working hour system is to deploy staff appropriately in accordance with changes in store conditions by season, weather, day of the week, time zone, etc. Under this system, sales and working hours are linked to each other and more accurate working shifts can be prepared, enabling lean shift management while adjusting staffing numbers and securing required personnel. At present, further efforts are being made at all stores to improve accuracy by minimizing gaps between sales trends and staff deployment.

 Through the introduction of the total working hour system, it became possible to properly ensure that the personnel required to operate the stores are in place, while reducing labor cost by making it possible to divide responsibilities for tasks, such as product and service sales, to decrease lost sales opportunities and increase sales efficiency and also reduce overtime work, and at the same time improve the work environment. All employees including officers will further endeavor to create profits through continuing the structural reform, aiming to be a company constantly contributing to all stakeholders of the Yamada Denki Group in order to create new social value.


Entered Yamada Denki in September 2004; President of Sosei Juku in December 2004; Director and Managing Officer, Vice General Manager of General Affairs Department in June 2006; Director and Executive Managing Director, General Manager of General Affairs Department, and Head of Personnel Structure Reform Office in January 2014; President-Director, Representative Director and COO in April 2016