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Messages from Top Executives

Aim to Achieve the Medium-term Business Plan Through not only Providing Products but also Offering Expert Service and Solutions, to Broader Opportunities For Services


Representative Director, Chairman and Chair of Board of Directors

Market Environment and Business Performance for Fiscal 2015

 The domestic economy recovered moderately in fiscal 2015, with corporate performance and the employment environment improving. However, risks of economic slowdown in China and emerging countries have become obvious, causing concern over a downturn in the global economy. Additionally, uncertainty remains due to the significant changes in the financial markets. The home appliance distribution industry has faced the influence of a prolonged reactionary demand decline due to the end of various preferential policy measures and the consumption tax increase. Under such severe market environment, the structural reform that the Yamada Denki Group has worked on for the past few years has started to yield results and has significantly contributed to improving the business performance as a whole.

Started New Management System

 Yamada Denki publicized a new management system centered on three representative directors (Chairman, Vice Chairman and President) in January 2016 and started to operate under the new system from this term.

 Mr. ICHIMIYA Tadao and I continue to maintain the role of Representative Director. I serve as Representative Director, Chairman and Chair of Board of Directors and Mr. ICHIMIYA serves as Representative Director, Vice Chairman and CEO. Mr. KUWANO Mitsumasa newly assumed the office of President-Director, Representative Director and COO. I will take charge of the creation of new businesses, Vice Chairman ICHIMIYA promotes the structural reform and implementation of the Medium-term Business Plan and President-Director KUWANO takes responsibility for existing businesses and human resources development. Division of roles among the three representative directors has thus been clarified. We< will endeavor to promote responsible business fields, respectively, and further strengthen management of the company as a whole./p>

 President-Director KUWANO has engaged in strengthening store operation and human resources development and has contributed to expanding the scale of the business performance of Yamada Denki. It is indispensable to foster personnel who can always demonstrate innovation in order to achieve our management philosophy, “Creation and Challenge” and “Appreciation and Trust.” I believe that President-Director KUWANO will reliably fulfil his responsibility with his ability obtained through the experience of being engaged in key segments of Yamada Denki’s business, i.e., personnel management and performance management.

Deal with Social Problems from the Medium-term and Long-term Perspectives

 The market environment for the home appliance distribution industry has been changing in tandem with changes in social needs caused by such factors as the declining birth rate and the aging of society, population decrease and the development of the Internet society. Under such circumstances, we set up a long-term vision of achieving an IoT company with the largest service network in Japan and have been promoting the structural reform for the purpose of realizing the sustainable growth of the Yamada Denki Group and responding to expectations of our stakeholders. From a medium-term perspective, we established the Medium-term Business Plan up to fiscal 2019 through the promotion of ongoing structural reform in consideration of the current market environment.

 The Yamada Denki Group has endeavored to meet social needs since its foundation and has accordingly built a store network and has improved services for members. Based on business resources we have accumulated, we will take on a challenge to actively expand new solution services needed into the future. Sharing among group companies the concept of shifting the focus from goods to servicing, we will aim to achieve the Medium-term Business Plan to realize a brighter future through expanding opportunities to provide broader services.

Creation and Challenge for Achieving Growth and Development

 In order to continue our challenge to create social value as a group supported by various stakeholders, Yamada Denki will further promote the structural reform for the next growth stage under the new management system. We will endeavor to deepen and broaden our existing businesses, centered on the sale of home appliances, and create diverse revenue models in response to the needs of the society and the times.

 Under our management philosophy, we adopt a business attitude to steadily cope with a wide range of problems, such as the creation of new businesses, promotion of the structural reform and the Medium-term Business Plan, maintenance of existing businesses and human resources development. We will continue to make an all-out effort regarding sustainable growth, development and the creation of social value.